TOLKO logging until mid December.  10-K riders need to drive to 10-K parking lot to unload.


It's illegal to sled on plowed Forestry Roads

Welcome to Coq Snow.  Our riding area is just off the Coquihalla Highway, Exit #228 (Britton Creek rest area) between Hope and Merritt B.C.  (Show Map And Directions).  We have great riding areas for Beginners to Expert riders.  We groom over 60 Km of trails to make it easy and fast to access the Alpine (Henning Alpine 6Km from Parking lot, 10-K Alpine is 15Km in).   We even have groomed trails through the Alpine so beginners can also enjoy the Alpine.  We have some areas with Simple Terrain so you can have a fun/safe day even during High avalanche conditions.  We also have two cabins in the Alpine stocked with split firewood.  All the wet West Coast weather dumps as snow on the Coq, so frequent Awesome snow days. There's also accommodations right next to the riding area... Coquihalla Lakes Lodge.  We have our own parking lot, so lots of room for any size rig you might have and very easy access just off the Coquihalla Hwy (4x4 recommended).  We also added a loading dock and a heated changing room in the parking lot area...  how about that.  Check out the Coquihalla Summit for an awesome sledding experience.  VIEW OUR AREA HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO


Dec 2 - 45cm new snow on minimal snow base in alpine... seems to vary from 60cm -> 90cm snow in alpine.
Dec 1 - good 20cm on pipeline now and supposed to snow all day Friday so looks like GO time for this weekend.  Will try get report on Alpine snow by tomorrow night.
Nov 25 - barely 10cm on pipeline - big snow dump did not happen... yet.   It will be hard on the ski's down low if your desperate to get up top to play in the snow
March 2016 - 240cm base in Alpine, 80cm on Pipeline.  About average for Alpine, below average at Parking lot.
SNOW HISTORY 2012 to 2015


Dec 2 - Henning Groomed to Cabin & Peanut Bowl.  10-K track-packed/groomed to Cabin.
Nov 25 - not enough down low to take the Groomers out yet.   Hopefully the forecasted snow does show up and we should be good for next weekend.
APR 2016 - 290hrs of Grooming time for the season!   That doesn't include wrenching time.   Huge thank-you again to our volunteer Groomer operators!
APR 2015 - 188hrs of Grooming time for the season... huge thank-you to our volunteer Groomer operators!
Groomer Tracker (Map Filter then This Week for date range & Aerial)


Dec 7th 7PM.  Club meeting at Fivestar Motorsports...  45750 Yale Road, Chwk
Dec 7th 8PM - early bird draw for Sled Raffle @ Fivestar Motorsports
Jan 14 & 15.  AST-1 Avalanche Safety Course with Niko Wies.  Call Gerald @ 604-316-1600 to sign up.
Feb 18-19.   Possible second AST-1 course.

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Coquihalla Highway - Hope to Merritt

Tuesday November 29, 2016 at 15:42 PST

Tonight Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries. Snow beginningovernight. Amount 2 cm. Snow level 500 metres.
Wednesday Snow. Amount 5 to 10 cm. Snow level 500 metres rising to900 metres.

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Coquihalla Summit S
Coquihalla Summit (South)
Coquihalla Summit N
Coquihalla Summit (North)
Coquihalla Lakes
Coquihalla Lakes (North)
Mine Creek S
Mine Creek (South)
Larson Hill
Larson Hill (North)

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AST-1 COURSE DETAILS (next course Jan 14-15)

- main instructor is Niko Weis (one of the best around)

- this course is geared towards sledders... both days in the snow (most AST-1 courses only do 1 day in the snow and 1 full day in classroom)

- you need your own sled and you must have a Beacon, Shovel and Probe (like every sledder should have)

- Saturday and Sunday is on Henning Mountain learning how to use your Beacon properly, how to probe and shovel properly, how to read the terrain and avoid avalanche risks, and how to read the snow pack

- there will be some "classroom" time in our Pipeline cabin

- Henning Mountain has groomed trails with Simple Terrain so beginners won't have a problem with the 2 days on the mountain

- you will be amazed at how much you learn in this course and realize how unprepared you really were with-out it.   You miss one week-end of normal riding but you will still be on your sled and in the snow (not stuck in a classroom for days).  Cost is $300/person, $250 if you are a member of CoqSnow, $200 for Kids or Volunteers.  If you've taken AST-1 course before and want to redo the course as a refresher, we will give you a $100 discount.  To sign-up, call Gerald @ 604-316-1600

- Lodging available at Coquihalla Lakes Lodge @ 1-877-978-2096